Studio Bundle - Novice
Studio Bundle - Novice

Studio Bundle - Novice


Studio Bundle - Novice

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SKU Studio Bundle - Novice

Studio Bundle Novice Includes: 

Midiplus Smartface II - USB Audio Interface

Rugged interface design can be used with microphones and guitars

Power Works HPW-3000 - Home Studio Closed-Back Dynamic Headphones

Closed back, Lightweight headphones for affordable, effective Home Studio Monitoring

Midiplus MI5 - Studio Monitors

MI5 is a 5-inch-high quality near field monitor speaker. The Clear, accurate sound is very suitable for arranging, recording, mixing, music appreciation and other occasions.

Midiplus X2 Mini - Keyboard Controller

The 25-key velocity-sensitive mini-keys are easy to set up and the user interface design is exquisite.


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