Hybrid Speakers

Built on a solid foundation of competitive pricing and reputable products, offering an extensive range suited to the African market.  Representing the following brands: Hybrid, Hybrid+, Hybrid DJ, and Hybrid MI

HYBRID is a South African brand with over 30 years’ experience in professional audio, stage and lighting. Our brand is aimed specifically at the African market to meet our continent’s demands for features, performance and budget.

HYBRID+ is high quality brand, offering features and performance comparable to world-renowned brands and making HYBRID+ one of the best price-to-performance ratio brands.

Hybrid speakers are the best automotive speakers money can buy and continually push the limits of automotive sound-stage reproduction. Every Hybrid Speaker product has been designed and built for true source clarity, definition, and realism. Range of incredibly deep and accurate subwoofers.

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  1. Hybrid SP5 Hybrid SP5
    Hybrid SP5
  2. Hybrid ML860PDUX Hybrid ML860PDUX
  3. Hybrid PLB15 & LB18 Bundle Hybrid PLB15 & LB18 Bundle
  4. Hybrid Party Box Bundle Hybrid Party Box Bundle
  5. Hybrid+ DS18-1200/ASS Hybrid+ DS18-1200/ASS
  6. Hybrid U-DV/EQ *Dual* Hybrid U-DV/EQ *Dual*
  7. Hybrid HSF 12.4 Hybrid HSF 12.4
  8. Hybrid CM3U Hybrid CM3U
  9. Hybrid PM6 USB Hybrid PM6 USB
  10. Hybrid HMH150 Demo Hybrid HMH150 Demo
    Hybrid HMH150 Demo
    Special Price R29,999.00 Regular Price R34,550.00
  11. Hybrid+ HH202B Bundle Hybrid+ HH202B Bundle
  12. Hybrid HSF 5.4 Stage Effect Hybrid HSF 5.4 Stage Effect
Grid List

Items 1-12 of 292

Set Descending Direction